About the Writer

Christopher Charest was born and raised in New England. When he was younger, after his bedtime he used to read his Goosebumps books under the covers to his teddy bear. In middle school, he started writing absolutely terrible stories and discovered that writing allowed him to escape from this world and into a new one that he could create all for himself. He struggled in high school as he watched some of his friends suffer with addiction and mental illness. During his senior year of high school his guidance counselor told him that he would never get accepted into college and he thought that working at his dead end part-time job at the grocery store was all that he would add up to. He applied to college anyway and attended a semester in New York City before transferring to a school closer to home. After graduating from college he moved to a town he never heard of in Florida to work for a job that would barely get him by. After three months he quit that job and started working longer hours. As he stood outside one late October night, the cool breeze reminded him of who he was and he started writing again. Christopher’s goal has always been to create an escape and to help impact people that may be struggling know that they are not alone in any of this.

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